Project Template (projtemp)

I get sick of always creating new projects, and having to set up the core of the project (Makefiles, directory hirearchy, etc), so I made this little program that does that for me.

This program takes in the parameters in the format of: 'projtemp <project>'. It then creates the directory \projects\<project>, \projects\<project>\srcs and \projects\<project>\objs. If any file or folder exists along the way, this program stops (but does not reverse it's changes). It also does not create \projects, so that must exist prior to using the program.

The Makefile created has the one C file with the proper dependencies. It also contains a clean routine. This Makefile by default has debug flags set to create debug information and PDB files. The C and header files created in srcs are simple enough to define a main() routine, as well as a main() routine that just returns 0. It also by default defines _CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS in the header file.

Note that most of this stuff is probably specific only to my desires, as it's the way I create my projects.

Source and Binaries